Monday, July 20, 2009

Education in Senegal

Each year, developed countries send many kinds of educational assistance to developing countries: human assistance ,technical assistance,financial assistance...
But even though this assistance brings additional means for educational systems in developing countries, the education there is still getting worse because of several factors. Mrs. Sagna, one of the witnesses of this situaton consented to give her point of view:

ME: How do you see the Senegalese education system before and after the independence of our country? Mrs Sagna: I was born after the independence of our nation.So I can not say exactly what it was before the independence.But I hear many people saying, according to the information they have about the education in Senegal before independence, that it was one of the best in all of Africa.
ME: Can we say now, in 2009, that it is still one of the best in Africa?
Mrs. Sagna:I'm afraid we can't. ME:Why do you say that? MRS. Sagna: Because if you see the results of national exams from primary school to university, the continual teacher and student strikes , the low level of knowledge of teachers and students in Senegal in general , the bad educational administration, corruption, and if we add the lack of means despite assistance from abroad and many other problems we encounter in the education system in Senegal, I can say that there is no link between the education before and today in Senegal. ME:What is your solution to the problem?
MRS Sagna:According to me there is no providential solution.The only solution must be found by africans themselves.They must struggle hard to eradicate corruption, bad administration of public affairs by putting the right man or woman in the right place.They must struggle for more democracy and more solidarity in each country in order to face with success here and now present and future challenges like the new worlwide economic and financial crisis we are facing today. ME:Thank you MRS Sagna.
MRS Sagna:Thank you darling.

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